CLAASSEN & PARTNER is a multidisciplinary design studio in which we focus on problem solving. Sophie Birkmayer and Tammo Claassen offer design solutions in the areas of product design (design and model prototypes, from idea to finished product).  Interior design (our special love lies in lighting so there are alot of  comissioned lights, some of which we are producing on a small scale) corporate communication as well as graphic(corporate idendities, packaging book including i-books) and web-design(customizing wordpress, typo 3 based or classic HTML).

Since 2005 CLAASSEN & PARTNER  their work  interlaces elements from different contexts and then are combined them in a new way. Here lies the central role of the design process: experimenting with new materials, the practical research into new constellations, the play with the language of shapes. In this way new combinations are manifested that on the one hand refer back to the design process while on the other hand they undercut, question or lead the alleged congruency of form and function ad absurdum. Form and thematic references are picked up, deconstructed and fed back into the cultural cycle in a new constellation. Materials that have already served their purpose are recycled and assigned towards a new mission. The requirement here remains at all times: consistent, straight design that is reduced to the essentials.

CLAASSEN & PARTNER understand themselves as a team for the realization of design strategies. This holds equally true for complex industry produced design tasks as well as small series and custom made single unit production that require the development of new production processes in conjunction with partners form industry and trade.