We also took the time at Schmiede to focus on working on an idea we das for quite a while- to create a 3-d printer using an eco friendly, biodegradable material. We believe Schmied was the perfect place to experiment with salt, which there was alot of which you can see in our previous post. We developed different mixtures, testing which paste works the best for our needs, and developed the the Mendel Max Printer further to fullfill our needs. We where really happy to actually managing and printing small objects with our salt paste in the end. Thanx to Schmiede and the great people whirling around here and there we did not give up!


We finally made it to Schmiede this year, we have been keeping an eye on the Schmiede project since the very first year, but time never allowed for us to be part of it, this year we made it ; ) Schmiede is a cooperative prototyping environment, focused on the arts, hacking and entrepreneurship. Schmiede is a place where our ideas come to play, it was founded by Rüdiger Wassibauer and his brother Philip. We met for 10 days… in order to get inspired, network, create, present, collaborate and exchange. HEre are some impressions we gathered during those days

designing Public

Urbantools was featured in the publication Designing Public- Perspectives for the Public was published with Birkhäuser. An old project but neverthesless stil relevant these days.

Designing Public
Perspektiven für die Öffentlichkeit
2008, 216 S. 105 Abb. in Farbe., Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-7643-8667-2




Let’s Rock the IMM together

Our latest product The Denim Sitting Ball will be shown at IMM Cologne as part of the designspotter show. From january 19 to 25 Designspotter will present 50 international, young, fresh and wild designers straight in the in the heart of the IMM Cologne 2009 to a wide audience of experts and visitors. 

Our stand will be in hall 3.1 – close to the biggest design labels of the world 

as the leading trade fair for the furniture sector, IMM Cologne ist the international business event par excellence. exhibitors at this trade show reach decision-makers from all around the world. We are looking forward to seeing you there.






Poster Design

We designed the Poster in collaboration with Max Frey for an exhibition called geld & guilt, gott. geld. kunst. kapital.

photography and video exhibition, installation and symposium.

7.9.-21.12. 2007 artneuland berlin