Opening Vintage Stadl

We are very happy to announce that a few of our products have been selected by the wonderful Vintage Stadl Crew. The LES BIS ALLUMES and the Maibaum Table will be featured in this new concept sotre located in the heart of Vienna, as well as a special edition Vintage Stadl Candle edition will be showcased. we do not want to take it way, but come and see for yourself the beautifully handpicked vintage and conteporary pieces. The opening will be on Saturday March 14th from 14.00 until 18.00 o’clock. The Store is located in the courtyard of the building in Bergasse 29 1090 Vienna. There will be food, drink, music and loads of treats for the eyes!



First of all we want to wish you a healthy and happy new year!!! We have been quite busy, too busy to update our website, so we would like to give you a little retrospect of what happened last year. We designed a few new websites, corporate idendities, invitations and our product range has grown. We now offer candle holders for our LES BOIS ALLUMES anteler beeswax candles, which where our top sellers last year. They are spreading all over the globe! The top new locations are Wonderful Archive a shop/space that can only be described as homage to curiosity and unparalleled taste at LIght and Salt in Shanghai, The Beast Shop a beautiful flower shop with a few branches in Hong Kong, Resort a new concept store with a wonderful selection in Innsbruck, Vintage Stadl a Pop up Shop in the heart of Vienna that just found a new permanent space, Hallesches Haus a full blown design store opening this spring in Berlin with carefully selected designer gifts for that special someone with discriminating tastes, hosted a special christmas market sale amognst which our LES BOIS ALLUMES anteler beeswax candles. We hope that many more wicked locations will follow this year to sell our candles. If you have any suggestions please let us know an send us an e-mail