intelliplug-for web-22INTELLIPLUG is an extension chord, that can be endlessly expanded, since it is based on a modular principle. A variety of sockets and lights-balls can be plugged into each other, in order to provide a socket or light in a vast variety of spaces. There just never seems to be the right socket in the right place, hence we came up with the idea of the INTELLIPLUG. One can position the plug at the exact space needed with the use of different cables that can be fitted in between the sockets, the lengths range form 10 cm to 2 meters. It is not only a very practical product, but also the fact how it is assembled and materials used, recycling the product will be easier, but due to its modular properties it can be changed into the desired need easier i.e. it can easily be extended and expanded to fit more plugs. When the plug is not in use it can be taken out of the system, hence it is a very lasting and sustainable product since it can be adapted to the users need.


INTELLIPLUG offers fresh perspective on our vast changing lifestyles and energy use, which is how i see the modern heat. In our everyday lives we would not be able to function without electricity- form brewing coffee in the morning to communicating- we need power to make all those machines work.


The intelliplug is an innovative smart electric currentsystem wich can switch off a sigle socket automatically if the consumer loads switches in to standby to economize the use of electricity. The INTELLIPLUG can be operated and programmed via bluetooth and an application called intelliapp. It can also calculate the amount of energy being used, which is a feature to inspiring the fact that we should use less energy to reduce the waste on this planet. In each plug there i a “cpip 1.5” module with a bluetooth connection which could optionally be converted into a wifi version.