Denim Sitting Ball

The Denim Sitting Ball, is a seating device filled with air and combines healthy sitting with demanding design in a unique way. The positive functional aspects of sitting balls have been commonly known for a long time: the support active sitting, strengthen the back muscles and effect a more upright posture of the spine than ordinary chairs. These are the reason why they are frequently recommended by doctors, i.e. for working on the computer. Beyond that they can be used for other purposes, such as support during daily exercise.  As positive as their utilisation profile may have been products such as the sitting ball were tended to look drab and were unable to disguise their origin as a „health product“.

The Denim Sitting Ball too remedies this situation: the basic idea was to create a stylish product, with a consistent appearance that was very consciously drafted as a design object, without sacrificing any aspects of form and function. The fabric used is robust and posesses a is pleasant to the touch and has a „exciting“ surface feel. Due to the fact that it is breathable it is able to offer a more comfortable sitting climate. Apart from its functionality the Denim Sitting Ball distinguishes itself through its casual yet high-grade, minimalist but sexy look and feel. The Denim Sitting Ball comes in 2 different sizes- with an approximate diameter of 75cm (depending on amount of air) and a small version in 42cm for children is also available. The basic model with dark denim is available with the classic golden stitches, but upon request we customize the balls, i.e. with neon orange stitches, or as fort he latest version, a glow in the dark thread was used.

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