Mskyo – mama said knock you out is a reminisence to the good old ghetto blaster. In the good old granny trolley a new innovative roll around soundsystem. It not only shows incredible sound qualities in a variety of locations, but also attracts a lot of attention wherever you go. This defenitely isn’t the first time apple’s gem has been integrated into gizmos of the past, but the mama said knock you out speakers boast a retro vibe that spans all the way from the moniker to the fabric selection. Potentially able to become the perfect audio companion to your plaid-infused lupus sabene alarm clock, the MSKYO speaker set rolls in on dual trolleys in case you really are too feeble to toss ‚em up over your shoulders, a full-range driver in each cabinet, and a reported ability to play nice with your ipod. Other details concerning rms, aux input capabilities, or an optional eight-track player are scant, but if you’re the world’s biggest only remaining ll cool j fan, and don’t have the means to wrap a few dj speakers in thrift store cloth yourself.

The idea was to developed for an exhibition about sound called amp in Cologne.  It was our intention to develop a cool gadget for the streetstyle. Now it is turning into a lifestyle product, portable speakers that can be taken to a picknick or simply rolled around on the streets to spread the tunes. The MSKYO comes with a pair of speakers that are equiped with a car stereo for cd and radio, and a hub for the i-pod, on request a record player can be installed into the MSKYO. They are powered by a portable battery that endures about 6 hours on full blast before it needs to be charged again. There is the classic version of the mskyo with the checkered pattern or a customised version with a specific pattern. We did one for lucky strike which you can also see in the gallery-The Lucky MSKYO. Each MSKYO is handmade induvidually upon order.

Technical specifications

Trolley: metal, nylon, wood.

High fidelity: 4x250watt mp3/cd car-hifi-tuner, external

Plug for mp3-player or standard 1210er dj-combination.

Speaker: electrovoice subwoover, macaudio 2-way coaxial mobilesystem, multicell 3-way high power frequency deflector.

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