Les Bois Allumes

A little while ago we took a walk in the woods and tripp ed over a pair of deer antelers – this led to the product Les Bois Allumes. For some people Antlers are the stuff that dreams are made of. To many hunters, harvesting a large antlered buck represents the ultimate accomplishment. These horns are not made for pushing off but to be lit.

Our 100% pure beeswax candles are handmade and have A naturally sweet honey aroma. Beeswax candles burn 5 times longer than regular candles and with out soot. It’s an all natural substance made by bees in contrast to parafin, a chemical by-product of the oil industry. Beeswax candles burn with the spectrum of the sun emitting a brighter, longer burning flame. It is a well established fact that while burning, beeswax candles naturally emit negative ions which clean the air And invigorate the body. These 100% natural beeswax are handmade in Austria.

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