City Bulb

City Bulbs are a new range of globe lightbulbs featuring the skylines of different cities from Berlin to Paris- so you can have a little bit of your favorite city without even leaving your living room. The range is based on the Berlin Bulb which was designed in 2006 and features the skyline of the creative metropole as a circular silhouette. The idea behind it was to show Berlin as a cosmos. By applying the design on a daily object in a playful way; some of its beauty being its caducity, the other is the graphic element, which is not only very attractive when lit, but also in the off state it shines of beauty. The globe lightbulb comes in regular 40 watt or as an energy saving lightbulb with 120mm diameter. We prefer using energy saving lightbulbs, but again it’s a matter of choice- do you care about the environment or don’t you- all we can say we do!

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