I stumbled across this company called Y POR QUE who design really insterting clothing for kids. i found the info on the wonderful blog called pirouette here is the link http://www.pirouetteblog.com. I quote them about Yporqué…During their learning age, children keep asking why, why why? Inspired by the children’s hunger for discovery, Spanish brand Yporqué launched a clothing line that aims at stimulating the five senses, through incorporation of fun shapes, sounds, textures, glow-in-the-dark images or games to their products. The brand was founded in Barcelona by Beth Gilberga, Andrea Miro Pich and Elisenda Herrera, three women with different educational backgrounds : design, advertising and psychology. The brand is growing each season, enriching its variety of products – the iconic ones being sweatshirts with a mask added to the hood and pyjamas with a hero cape.