last minute christmas present…

If you are looking for a nice last minute christmas present our Les Bois Allumes beeswax candles are a perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. Not only is it a beautiful deco item that will spark up your home, but will also put your festive christmas dinner in the right light, beeswax candles emit light that is similar to the sunshine. They are available online in our shop or in a few selected shops in Vienna.. here is a selection SAINT CHARLES APOTHECARY, DOTZAUER, HIMMELBLAU, QUESTEREI

Here are some words that a friend wrote that came to minde when she saw the canldes first…sorry it is in german

Kerzen/Kerze/Kerzenlicht/ Weihnachtsbeleutung/ Weihnachtsgeschenk/ festlich/Hirschgeweih/ Jagd/ Jäger/Deko/Deko-Idee/ ausgefallen/ speziell/ (Kunst-)Handwerk/gold/ wunderschön/ Design/nachhaltige Rohstoffe/ luftreinigend/ Geschenk-Tipp/ Geschenk-Idee/Schnee/ Neujahr/ Feuer/ Duft