Maria The.

The Maria The. floorlamp is our latest design produced in collaboration with Dotzauer Decorative Lighting Vienna. The lamp is an homage to the classical baroque light known as the maria theresia chandelier. It has glas applications on the arms to amplify the light and hide the electrical cable which creates nice reflections. The Maria The. looks like it is made entirely of glass but it but actually has a steel frame. The bare frame is merely the vehicle on which the crystal drape and pendants are located to recreate the many diverse designs of chandeliers from the simplest to the most intricate. The glass curve is freestanding and comes in a variety of color combinations. Almost like a seahorse the Maria The. light swims around in the environment providing a wide array of light. Dotzauer will present the Maria The. floorlamp and a variety of brand new models from the Maria The. series designed CLAASSEN & PARTNER.

Come visit the Dotzauer space in the designhalle d, booth 0116. The opening hours are every day from 10.00-18.00 (except 18.03. only until 17.00).


wohnen & interieur 2012