Hidden Heroes @ NHOW

CLAASSEN &PARTNER will be showing 2 of our newly developed products the Mod-u-lar Bend-a-lier and a floor-standing lamp called crystal jet as part of the hidden heroes exhibit for the the 49th edition of the Salone Del Mobile in Milano. In a world where speed is essential and where everybody is constantly bombed with information and data, sometimes a young talent can lose its sense of direction and hide away from the noise. it becomes a hidden hero, full of potential & dreams. all it takes to reveal it to the world is to believe in it, and give it a chance. that’s exactly what a company like Moooi or an exhibition like hidden heroes does: they take pride and gain energy by scouting and supporting hidden talents. off course, it also takes a curious public to enjoy the outcome…so come by and let yourself be surprised by the new creations of Moooi & the new talents promoted by hidden heroes!enjoy this great opportunity for inspiration and renewal, see you there…

hidden heroes

NHOW HOTEL via tortona 35, 20144 milano

opening times:

13th of april: press preview from 15.00 to 19.00 hours

14-19 april: from 10.00 to 21.00 hours

cocktail 13/04 17-19pm, sponsored by wodka exquisite